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So that we know that we'll get on with each other and to give you a entry into using our services we have tailored first two hours lesson for 45.00 (at 22.50 per hour) as a trial lessons
(complete beginners and advanced drivers). This offer can be used in conjunction with any other special offer lessons.

We do not want you to get a block booking of few hours if you are not happy with our services or book any further lessons if you think that we are not providing a satisfactory service.
For those two hours you will not be just having our car inclusive of insurance, diesel, liability insurance, fully road worthy car inclusive maintenance and everything that goes with it. You will be also paying for a guidance of a fully approved Driving Instructor as inclusive.

It's only a trial lesson. You like it - you continue with us.

Quality and duration of those two hours special offer trial driving lessons is no way compromised