PHONE OR SMS 07760 122331        SEVEN DAYS A WEEK 9 am - 8 pm
Lesson durations: One hour, one and half hours and two hours.

Pay as you go:
24.00 for a hour of driving lesson;
36.00 for a hour and half
48.00 for two hours.

Block bookings:
95.00 for 5 hours of driving lessons (complete beginners only) 
230.00 for 10 hours of driving lessons
440.00 for 20 hours of driving lessons.

All block booked driving lessons shall be paid in advance. If we intend to increase prices then is in our duty to let you know well in advance. Prices are same for weekends and bank holidays (bookings subject to availability) .
There will be a surcharge for unsocial hours (like very early or very late driving lessons times)

Give us a ring if you need us for a short notice driving lesson or driving test and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.
We guarantee you a fast pass and quality driving lessons.